1793 Governmental Decree About Processes for Divorce in France

1793 Governmental Decree About Processes for Divorce in France

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On offer is a fine example of a decree passed by the revolutionary government of France in the months preceding the Reign of Terror.

The document is titled Decret de la Convention National. It is dated 23rd day of the first month of Year 2 which corresponds to October 14th, 1793. The decree, numbered 1718, lays out the law regarding divorce.

An excerpt follows:

qui authorise le conjoint demande en divorce a faire apposerles scelles sur les effects mobiliers de la communaute

[Translation: which authorizes the spouse petition for divorce to have affixed the seals on the household effects of the community]

The decree then goes on to specify the process: 

en formant une demande en divorce. s'il existe une communaute, le conjoint demandeur pourra faire apposer les scelles fur tous les meubles et effects mobiliers dependant de ladite

[Translation: by filing for divorce. if there is a community, the applicant spouse may have the seals affixed to all the furniture and household effects belonging to that community]

For a historian or legal scholar, this is an excellent example of how new laws were formulated in the days following the overthrow of the French monarchy and government. For a gender studies program, it offers an interesting sense of the rights of women in the heady days of the revolution.

This is a printed document measuring 9.25 inches by 7.25 inches. It consists of one sheet of paper folder to create four pages, on two of which is printed the decree. The paper is in very good condition and the printing is clear.

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