1901 Fascinating Human Resources Job Offer Letter to a Salesman from the Company’s Owner

1901 Fascinating Human Resources Job Offer Letter to a Salesman from the Company’s Owner

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On offer is a typewritten job offer from the owner of a nursery wholesaler hoping to land a reliable new employee. 

Dated Feb 21,1901, and signed in ink by E.W. Fisk himself, this typewritten letter is a full page imploring a potential new hire to take a job as a salesman running a currently unmanned territory. Given the fact that each territory operator will work remotely, Fisk highlights the importance of  hiring a man who is “strictly honorable and upright”. 

Fisk goes on to describe the benefits of working for his company:

“We have been in business for a long time and this long experience enables us to place the very best grade of stock grown in the hands of our salesmen…it means you are able to sell over and over again in the same territory; that you are able to work up a better trade each season; that your customers will be glad to see you a second time…”. 

Fisk even invites the candidate to verify their financial health with the First National Bank, before requesting the candidate reply by mail with their decision. 

For anyone working in a modern Human Resources or business leadership role, this letter is an absolutely fascinating look at how job offers were made and accepted over 100 years ago. 

The letter is typed on E.W. Fisk Nurseryman letterhead. It has minor age toning and creases. No rips or tears. A small ink blot is present on the letterhead. It does not obscure the readability. Overall G+. 

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