1868 Canadian Legal Manuscript Power of Attorney Document Signed by New Brunswick Politician William B. Kinnear and Widow of Henry Bowyer Smith

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On offer is an 1868 legal manuscript document relating to the appointment of Power of Attorney for the recently widowed New Brunswick, Canada resident, Ms. Charlotte LeBaron (Hazen) Smith (1809-1893). Charlotte Smith, widow of Henry Bowyer Smith (1800-1868), appoints Herries, Farquhar & Co. (Sir Walter Rockcliff Farquhar (1810-1900) and others) as Power of Attorney. Smith signs the document beside an affixed seal. 

There is a handwritten note by New Brunswick lawyer, judge and politician William B. Kinnear, who died about a month later. Kinnear notarizes the document, writing that he is "a Public Notary in and for the Province of New Brunswick by lawful authority...do hereby certify that I was present and did see Charlotte LeBaron Smith sign seal and deliver the aforgoing instrument..."

The primary focus of the contract is dealing with a policy from The Standard Life Assurance Company of Edinburgh. Quite interesting early Canadian legal document from a well to do family in New Brunswick.

BIO NOTES: Charlotte LeBaron Hazen was the widow of Henry Bowyer Smith, Collector of Customs, St. John, New Brunswick, who was the son of Charles Douglass Smith, the colonial governor and administrator. They had one child, Sarah Elizabeth Smith (1829-1884) who married. Rev. Charles Lee (1826- 1873).

Manuscript signed document, four pages, flat 8 x 12-1/2 inches, folded to 8 x 6-1/4 inches, dated 14th January 1868.

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