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On offer is a super, original 1911 manuscript diary handwritten by 17 year old Mildred Sophia Bergfeldt of Kansas City Missouri. She was born on August 13th, 1894 and is the daughter of Charles A. and Hanna G. Bergfeldt. She married Joseph Brown on June 23rd, 1919 and had 2 sons. Interestingly we note that her son, Robert Bergfeldt Brown, married Sharon Disney, Walt Disney's daughter. Mildred had a brother named William. Mildred and her husband eventually moved to California where she passed away in 1981. Missouri historians will be thrilled with this treasure trove of Kanas City pre World War I era history as Mildred's father Charles owned and operated a leading clothing store with a man by the name of C. B. Roueche. The store was called Bergfeldt - Roueche Co. which was established in 1895 in Wyandotte Street between 8th Street and 9th Street. In 1907 it moved to the second floor of the Victor Building. [Later when Mildred's mother died her father Charles closed the business and moved to Orange County California where he married an Anaheim woman.] Charles would also go on to be an artist and studying in France. The 4½" x 5¾" page a day type diary is filled sporadically through to September 28th for a total of 188 entries but in addition to the narrative, she has done some very credible drawings herself. Here are some snippets: 1911 "January 14th, Grace Comstock entertained the card club today which we call "Cing Cents". Mildred Beattie was sick so didn't go. Marie and I had an awful time getting over there. Everything is covered with ice. Marie put sand paper on the bottom of her rubbers and then we had to walk in the street. Marie had to cut for the first prize which was a large hand painted powder box. I am going to entertain them the next time. Marie drew low. Of all things Westport lost tonight playing with Central, the score was 26-35. The first game they have lost." "January 21st, Ruby called up this morning and asked me to come over for dinner and spent the night with her. Her mother and father are in Springfield because her Uncle isn't expected to live. Mr. Brooks was there for dinner too. It was late when we got through with dinner and before Mr. Brooks left he told some of the awfullest railroad stories about wrecks, robberies, people getting killed and everything. I know I will see things all night. As soon as Harold got home from the game last night he telephoned me and the score was 34-29 in favor of Manuel. What is the matter with Westport." "January 23rd, I have spent this whole afternoon except while I was taking my music lesson, in washing my hair. Mother got a message this evening that grandma was worse so she sent for a "taxi" and went right over there to spend the night. Marie came up and stayed all night with us and nobody peeked in at the windows and we were a bit afraid. I was in my kimono with a sweater on and just had my hair washed so I was the awfullest looking object and Herman Weber and some other boy brought Marie up but she wouldn't let them come in. Thanks to her." "January 25th, Grandma died this morning at seven o'clock. Mrs. Rosher heard of it and called us in just before we started for school. We went anyway because we couldn't do anything and it would be better for us anyway. We telegraphed for daddy and we got an answer this noon. He will start right away and will get here Friday morning. Mother came home with Mrs. Axene tonight. We have been keeping house-great! Of course it was perfectly natural that grandma should die because she is so old, 87 and she died very easily but it seemed too sad to have daddy just get to N. Y. It is so far or it seems so." "February 15th, Mother got a new sewing machine today and she is quiet enthusiastic over it. This evening there was something the matter with the electric light plant and every car line in the city was stopped from 6:30 until 10:00. All the lights went out, the telephones couldn't be used because the centrals were in the dark. It was dreadful. Mrs. Shogram couldn't go home until late. She stayed for dinner. Poodle didn't come to school today." "March 17th & 18th, I am happy, Helen is here. I went down to meet Piggy to day. The concert didn't end until 6:15 then Fearson brought her up to the store. Harold and daddy went to the Commercial Club banquet and they were so disappointed to think that they wouldn't be home until after we had gone to bed. Helen looks, talks and laughs just as she used to but she is getting thinner and she is tickled to death over it. She was trying to put on all my dresses tonight. Poor Robert Hening certainly has hard luck. His eye in which he was shot, was hurt again while he was playing football. Some boys knew, slapped into it. They are awfully worried….Helen is just as dear as ever. I love her to death. This morning she wanted to get up so she could have breakfast with daddy. She left for downtown about 11:10. This afternoon the club met at Poodles. We had "grand eats." Isabelle won a fancy fan and Helen a book. We had to leave early as four of us there were going to the dance at Herricks. They have a ballroom on the second floor and it was great. We had a lovely time. I met Paul Sheppard and Fred Shelton for the first time. There were lots of nice boys there and good dancers too. So I really had a swell time." "April 11th, My first appearance in public tonight-the much talked of recital at Spalding. A bunch of girls went down, were late and very much excited. The hall was packed. Chairs in the aisle. I was awfully scared but when my turn came I said, "Oh Goodness if I don't disgrace myself I will be the happiest girl on earth." My, but it was awful. Big crowd of people, the stool was awful high too and my fingers began getting cold. Everybody else but one girl did splendidly, it was quite a success so everyone said. All the girls looked awfully sweet and got lots of pretty flowers. Mr. Rouche and Mrs. Rouche were there and Mr. Roche was as nervous as I was. Afterwards Howard Myers went down with all of us to Brassier's. I certainly felt like a chorus girl with my pink chiffon dress and cape and a pink chiffon hand affair and my arms full of pink roses with a huge bow of pink tulle on it. Oh but I am so glad it is over. I feel as though I was on a vacation now almost." "May 27th, Place. 33rd Hunter Ave. Temp. 100 degrees in the shade. Isma and I with coats on. Here comes our car (we were going to tea). Marie gets on with her hobble and so does Mildred but when Isma and I leave the walk, here comes a herd of cattle with a man driving them. The conductor said "Come on!" Isma said "Oh those darn cows, we can't" I was screaming and holding on to Isma. The car goes on and we still standing there and Poodle hanging out of the car window. Funny was no name for it. The conductor waited but the motor-man was furious but we finally got on, with my perfectly huge hat. Went over to the library to lode up "Portia in Julius Caesar" and stopped at Ruby's for dinner. Helen was there too. Had lots of fun. Walter Percy came over in the evening and so did the rest of my family. People say Walter likes me, never mind, it's because I am so young…." "June 21st, Electric Park Fire. Marie and I drove everyplace this morning on errands. This evening Rouche's came over to see our house and after we came home Charlie Welsh came over and brought ice cream. We had already ordered some and I know I will never want to see anymore ice cream. About ten I went to bed and when I got in bed and saw an awful fire over in the east, it was the rink at Electric. Of course I couldn't go because I wasn't dressed. Just my luck. Rouche's and the rest went." "June 27th, This morning I went to Margaret Iveraham's le' Chocolate and it was simply beautiful. I haven't the space here to tell about it. This afternoon Ruby, Ethel, Helen, Marie and I drove out to Electric's in Rocher's rig and went swimming. Mr. Welch went too. We didn't think the pool would be crowded but it was. Saw quite a few I knew. We had a swell time but some big flirt out there who we at first thought the swimming teacher, wanted to teach Marie and I to float and he followed us all over the pool. When we got home at six thirty, Mrs. Rocher and mother had the loveliest picnic supper all fixed in the back yard. Charlee, Mr. Welch, Mr. Rocher and Walter Bragy were all there too. We had lots of fun for Ethel is a regular circus. In the evening we danced and took turns going driving." "July 4th, I haven't heard a single fire cracker go off today. I never before saw a law which was so strictly obeyed. Oh! But it has been so hot today. I was going out to the auto races at Elmridge but it was too hot for me, although daddy and Harold went. Velie's car turned upside down and ran into the fence. This evening Welch's, Marie, Victor, Helen and Ruth Beattie and "us'ins" went to the air dome. The bill was very good too. I discovered that Beattie's have a swing in there adjacent lot, "Cupid's" pasture. I am going over there soon." "July 11th, We were down town today, bought mother the best looking panama trimmed with white wings. We were going out swimming today but as I could be the only girl who could go in, mother refused and C. S. had taken his suit down too. Daddy and Harold went to the circus and then C. Schmack came down and asked if I and Marie didn't want to go down to Riddle's. I said yes and then phoned Marie. Mrs. Riddle is awfully good looking and real tall. I think I'd like her fine. We had a fine time down there and then walked home by Swape's and brought Mrs. S. and mother some ice creams." Overall G+.; Manuscript; 16mo - over 5¾" - 6¾" tall; KEYWORDS: HISTORY OF, MILDRED SOPHIA BERGFELDT, WALT DISNEY, AIRDOME ELECTRIC PARK, KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, CHARLES A. AND HANNA G. BERGFELDT, BERGFELDT ROUECHE COMPANY, ORANGE COUNTY, WESTERN USA, PRE WORLD WAR I, TURN OF THE CENTURY, EARLY 20TH CENTURY, PRE SUFFRAGE, GENDER STUDIES, FEMINIST STUDIES, WOMEN'S STUDIES, AMERICANA, HANDWRITTEN, MANUSCRIPT, AUTOGRAPHED, AUTHORS, DOCUMENT, LETTER, AUTOGRAPH, KEEPSAKE, WRITER, HAND WRITTEN, DOCUMENTS, SIGNED, LETTERS, MANUSCRIPTS, HISTORICAL, HOLOGRAPH, WRITERS, AUTOGRAPHS, PERSONAL, MEMOIR, MEMORIAL, PERSONAL HISTORY, ARCHIVE, DIARY, DIARIES, JOURNAL, LOG, PRIMARY SOURCE, FIRST HAND ACCOUNT, SOCIAL HISTORY, PERSONAL STORIES, LIVING HISTORY, ANTIQUITÉ, CONTRAT, VÉLIN, DOCUMENT, MANUSCRIT, PAPIER ANTIKE, BRIEF, PERGAMENT, DOKUMENT, MANUSKRIPT, PAPIER OGGETTO D'ANTIQUARIATO, ATTO, VELINA, DOCUMENTO, MANOSCRITTO, CARTA ANTIGÜEDAD, HECHO, VITELA, DOCUMENTO, MANUSCRITO, PAPEL,

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