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On offer is the handwritten manuscript diary of F. Hobart Hargraves of West Buxton Maine, a young man [pre-teen we suspect] who is touring Europe with his parents in the summer of 1907. Research finds that Hobart's grandfather was A.K.P. Lord of Providence Rhode Island and husband of Sarah O. Drown, was a noted Mason whose grandson followed into the Brotherhood. The entries start out on June 1st, 1907 and end on June 22nd, 50 pages later. Some of the pages list express trains and coaches taken, tunnels gone through, hotels stayed at and his itinerary. Some of those places listed are; Milan, Como, Lucerne, Berne, Geneva, Paris, Bruxelles and London. Here are snippets: 1907 "June 1st, We went from Milan to Como then to Cadenabbia (?) and staid over night and then to Bellagio and then to station and took the trains over the mountains too. Then took the boat to Lugano then took the St. RR." "June 5th, Como to Berne in the forenoon and in the afternoon took a carrage and rode around to the fair pit and to the clock tower and then home and had dinner then went to bed." "June 8th, French time but 10:45 by Switzerland time whitch we started from it was a long jurny 380 miles and went threw the custom house then took a buss and drove for an hour or two in the dark to the Hotel and then it was about half parst eleven and I did not goo to bed until 12 o'clock whitch was 1 o'clock in Genvor." "June 19 Travling In the forenoon we took a carrage and drove around for an hour ar sa (or so) and then we came home and had lunch and Gordon and I went to the garden wher the solgiers were practing and staid there all the after noon then we had dinner and went to the station and took the trane a little ways then changed and took another to the Hook of Holand then took the boat and went over to England an then took the trane for London and got there at 8 o'clock then it took and hour to go to the hotel." "June 21, In the forenoon we took an auto and rode around the city then we at 11 o'clock thought we wood go ta the r_____ races one of the most wonderful races in the world. It is 30 miles from London and we got there at 12:45 and gordon and mama and papa went on the grand stand with the shofere. I staid and the ground where we had a little lunch then went over and saw the races. We came home and rode to Cooks and then to the hotel and dressed and had dinner and went to bed." "June 26th, In the forenoon we went to where they ______and are reached and the very spot where and then we saw Nelsion's Museum then saw 1,100 boys at school drilling then come home had lunch and in the afternoon we went around to different places then come home had dinner and walked aw little and went to bed." The diary measures about 3 ½ x 6 ¼". G. ; Typed Manuscript; 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall; Hand Written, Personal, Memoir, Travel, Europe, Handwritten, hand written, autograph, autographs, signed, letters, document, documents, manuscript, manuscripts, writers, writer, author, holograph, personal, Americana, antiquité, contrat, vélin, document, manuscrit, papier Antike, Brief, Pergament, Dokument, Manuskript, Papier oggetto d'antiquariato, atto, velina, documento, manoscritto, carta antigüedad, hecho, vitela, documento, manuscrito, Papel, Europe, London, MAINE, RHODE ISLAND, FREEMASONS, MASONS, SECRET SOCIETIES,

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