Early 1900s Handwritten Collection of Jigs Transcribed for Clarinet by an Accomplished Vermont Musician

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On offer is a small pocket music book lovingly transcribed and well-used by a Rutland, Vermont clarinetist. Titled in our clarinetist’s hand, “Jigs Copied by A.J. Burdick”, the book contains dozens of songs, some of which seem to be original compositions, transcribed for the clarinet in a careful hand. The songs are almost exclusively transcribed for a Bb and/or A clarinet. 

This treasure belonged to Almon Judson Burdick (1870-1948). Burdick was born in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. In 1890, he married Maud Allen of Rutland, VT. The couple moved to Rutland 1900. They had two children, Roy Oliver (1892-1948) and Gretchen Irene (1908-1982). In Rutland, Burdick became well known in the business and musical communities. He worked as a painter and doing various other home repair  jobs. He was an excellent clarinetist who was either employed or volunteered as leader of the Rutland City band for 25 years. He also played in other orchestras. Burdick was an officer of the Rutland local of the American Federation of Musicians. 

This book contains dozens of musical pieces, all written by hand, and including some notations in the margins. Most songs appear to be existing music transcribed for the clarinet while some may be original compositions or collaborations - we have no way to confirm this. Examples of songs transcribed for clarinet in the book include Old Lip Coon (A Clarinet), Bricklayers Hornpipe (Bb clarinet), Get on de Train Jig (A clarinet), Nellie Gray (Bb clarinet), Lisping Lucy (Bb clarinet), Barn Dance (Bb clarinet), Cake Walk (A clarinet),  and so many more. Many pages contain two songs per page. 

For a music historian, this is a fine example of the type of American music that was in vogue during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. For a clarinetist or woodwind aficionado or collector, this is a stellar collection of clarinet music, which would be a delight to play or even simply to study the penmanship of the transcription as it is beautifully done. 

This small music book measures 5.0x6.25 inches. It contains 62 pages. It is 90% complete. The cover is in fair condition with wear marks on the surface and along the edges. The binding is stapled very loose. Many pages have pulled away from the binding, but all are accounted for. The pages illustrate the music for a wide variety of pieces. The music notation is clear and easy to read.

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