World War Two French Letter for Shipment of Military Chemicals

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On offer is a fascinating, typewritten letter regarding the shipment of industrial chemicals in France, written on February 16, 1945, near the end of the second World War. The document is a letter from the French chemical firm Etablissements Kuhlmann to a manufacturing client in the town of Dole in eastern France.

This document concerns the documentation necessary to ship some wartime chemicals. An excerpt of the letter  follows: 


Dans le but de faciliter nos expeditions de tanins synthetiques, nous vous serions tres obliges de bien vouloir nous fournir, pour chaque commande de SYNEKTANS destines a des fabrications effectuees pour le compte de l'intendance Militaire un certificat de votre Intendant Regional (formule numero 137-b) attestant que les produits que vous nous avez commandes sont destines a la fabrication de cuir pour l'Armee, et uniquement pour cet usage...


In order to facilitate our shipments of synthetic tannins, we would be most grateful if you would provide us, for each order of SYNEKTANS intended for manufacture on behalf of the Military Quartermaster, a certificate from your Regional Quartermaster (form number 137-b) attesting that the products you have ordered from us are intended for the manufacture of leather for the Army, and only for that purpose…]

Etablissements Kuhlmann was a chemical company established in Lille, France in 1825. Over the next century it grew into one of the largest chemical firms in France. Among its many products were phosphates for agricultural uses and dyes. Following the German invasion of France in WWII, the company was forcibly merged into the German firm IG Farben. Restored after the war, Kuhlmann had grown to become, via several mergers, to the huge French conglomerate Pechiney-Ugine-Kuhlmann. It was privatized in 1999 and eventually absorbed by several rivals. Today, it is part of the giant aluminum consortium Constellium.

For a historian, especially of WWII, this documents is a small link in the enormous war machine that underpinned the devastation of WWII.

This document measures 10.5 inches by 8.25 inches and is a typed letter on letterhead. It is in very good condition.

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