1871 Rare Manuscript Taxation Notice for Cuban Plantation Owner of African Slave and Chinese Coolies

1871 Rare Manuscript Taxation Notice for Cuban Plantation Owner of African Slave and Chinese Coolies

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On offer is a phenomenal, rare and fully notarized manuscript discussing the full compliment of the Plantation ("Ingenio") Conchita, where there are 205 black slaves below 70 years of age and 76 asiaticos (Chinese), that were sold by Dn. Tomas de Guava y Soler to Dn. Ramon Balinde. The plantation owner is being taxed at the following rates: 700 pesos for each black slave (with totals calculated below and the Chinese at 300 pesos each. Grand total, as per below is $166,300 pesos. There is a blind-embossed logo of the Queen of Spain. 

The document, translated, reads: 

The taxation of the 205 slaves less than 70 years old, and of the 76 Chinese colonos/identured servants/slaves, which comprise the plantation "Conchita", sold by Don Tomas de Guava, to Don Ramon Balsinde according to the notarial document of today and before Dn.Joaquin Abuera. The 205 slaves, I value one with the other, at 700 pesos, but important in this total, I count 143,500 pesos. The contracts of the 76 Chinese (asiaticos), I estimate them one with the other, at 300 pesos, giving a total of 22,800 pesos…Import this taxation , the figures 166,300. Havana, the 12th of December of 1870”.

It is signed by José Dias y Martin.

Cuba had a great need for inexpensive labour to support their sugar industry. While America and Britain signed a treaty in 1814 to abolish the African slave trade, it took many years for complete global abolition. The African slave trade was not ended in Cuba until 1886, despite it being formally abolished in 1867 (Yun & Laremont, 2001). During the Chinese coolie trade (1847-1874) African slaves often worked alongside Chinese indentured labourers. 

The document measures approx 12x9 inches. It is a single folio sheet folded in half with writing on only the recto of the first page. It is in good condition, exhibits normal age toning, bends, folds and ragged edges. Overall G.                                                                             

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