1965-1968 Archive of a Milwaukee, Wisconsin Police Officer’s Daily Patrol Notes with Thousands of Entries

1965-1968 Archive of a Milwaukee, Wisconsin Police Officer’s Daily Patrol Notes with Thousands of Entries

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On offer is a fine collection of patrol notebooks kept by a Milwaukee, Wisconsin police officer during a tumultuous time in American society.

The notebooks belonged to Robert F. Neufuss (1926-2010). After serving in the US Navy, Neufuss spent 32 years  as a police officer with the Milwaukee Police Department, from 1951-1984. Neufuss was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and married Mary Moser in 1950. Together they raised four children and remained married until Mary’s death in 1999. 

These patrol notebooks offer an entirely different perspective on community life than a typical layman’s diary. By design, Neufuss’ notes recount the less visible, perhaps more unpleasant aspects of life in the community. A careful reading of his notebooks might also show some of the banality of crime and misdeeds. The following entries will give a sense of what life as a Milwaukee Police officer was like in the late 1960’s:

"[redacted name] Above boy was observed sitting in a gas dryer in the laundromat with his feet hanging out with [name redacted]" [Aug 30, 1965].

"DL [redacted} No. Bound Hwy 100 Driving in middle lane failed to make a left turn from such lane which is designated as Left Turn only" [Jun 11, 1966].

"[redacted name] Observed walking in City of Milw with unloaded 12 ga shotgun with his 2 sons and dog Ordered to.... "[Jan 23, 1967].

"[redacted name] stated she was walking north on Appleton Ave on the sidewalk when she tripped on the sidewalk was wearing loafer-type oxfords flat-bottomed ribbed soles [drawing] wearing glasses – is far-sighted Has high blood pressure Being treated by Dr...." [Nov 2, 1966]. 

With an average of six to seven entries per page, there are thousands of daily entries in this patrolman’s notebooks.

For a social historian or urban geographer, these notebooks provide and excellent window into the daily life of his community as seen from a police officer’s point of view.

The five diaries each measure 7.25x5.5 inches, contain 100 pages. All are 100% complete. They are all in quite good condition, save for some signs of age and mild water damage to some of the covers that does not impact the interior of the notebooks. Overall VG. 

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