1901 Fascinating Canadiana Letter About the Death of a Scottish Immigrant to his Son in Indian Head, Northwest Territories

1901 Fascinating Canadiana Letter About the Death of a Scottish Immigrant to his Son in Indian Head, Northwest Territories

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On offer is a fascinating letter relating to the death of an early Scottish immigrant to Canada, Mr. Angus Fraser. The letter, written by William G. Hutchinson, a lawyer from Lamerton, Alberta, to John Angus Fraser, the deceased man's son, who is residing in Indian Hat, Northwest Territories. 

Dated February 8, 1901, this letter touches on some interesting topics, including Fraser's "half breed" (half French) "friend" to whom he left his estate, the contents of his estate and references his family still in Scotland.

A very interesting legal document that provides strings for a Canadian researcher to pull to learn more about social, cultural and mobility norms of the time and place. 

The letter reads:

"Mr John Angus Fraser - Indian Head NWT...In answer to yours of 28th ulto, I beg to say that Mr. Angus Fraser, died at his residence Spring Hill Ranch, about 16 miles from here, sometime in the beginning of last November. I wrote his Sister, resided near Dundee in Scotland, telling her of his death, a few days after it occurred. I also informed her that, by a will, made shortly before he died he had left everything to one Batisse Anasse, a French half-breed with whom he had been on terms of friendship for many years. Mr. E Taylor, Mr B. Coy Winnipeg was administrator of the Estate. He would be able to give you all particulars if you write him. I may mention that the Estate, constituted of about 40 head of cattle, 2 horses, implements etc. of the ranch. I do not know if the Estate has been administered or not yet...Will G. Hutchinson PM Lamerton, Alta". 


John Angus Fraser (1870-?) was born in Scotland and came to Canada in 1890. He settled in the Indian Head area of the Territories and worked as a labourer. He married Clarissa Aline Thompson originally from Ontario, Canada, and they had at least two children. His father, Angus, lived in Alberta, a few miles from Lamerton. 

Lamerton began as a country trading post, the original Buffalo Lake Trading Post, where furs were bought and supplies sold by Fletcher Bredin in the late 1800's. In 1893 he opened the post office in his store and renamed the post, Lamerton. After the turn of the century it grew into a village.

The letter is handwritten by Hutchinson on Buffalo Lake Trading Co. stationary. It measures approx 8.5x11 inches, age toning, and creases and fold lines. Overall G. 

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