1930s Unpublished Manuscript of a Novel by Barbour Walker Lyndon, High Profile, Female, New York Advertising Exec and Bernard College Alum

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On offer is an unpublished manuscript entitled The Less important Sister, written by a very successful female advertising professional in the 1930s.

The author of this manuscript is Barbour Walker Lyndon. Born in 1885, she was educated at Barnard College where she graduated in 1907. She spent her professional career in the print advertising research business. She was married to Earl Hadley. Barbour Walker Lyndon Hadley passed away in 1962 at the age of 77.

Lyndon founded the Publishers Information Bureau (PIB) which is considered to this day as a trusted source of data for many news organizations. It is used to report on the state of the consumer magazine industry. Publishers Information Bureau is now administered by MPA – The Association of Magazine Media, the nonprofit trade association for the magazine media industry which was formerly known as just MPA (Magazine Publishers Association) until 2010. At one time, she was bursar of the National Cathedral School for Girls. She had also set up and operated Lyndon Service of Statistical Information on Advertising.

Lyndon Hadley’s manuscript, The Less Important Sister, appears to have never been published. For a publisher or publishing house, this manuscript would be a terrific addition to a library or collection. It connects them to one of the great ‘behind-the-scenes’ figures of the publishing industry in America

This manuscript measures 11.0 inches by 8.5 inches. It contains 346 single-sided, typed pages. The pages are 3-ring punched and contained in a large file folder. They are unbound. The pages are in good condition.

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