Scan of Authentic Handwritten Grimoire by a High Priestess of Wicca

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A direct digital scan of an absolutely irreplaceable and rare manuscript book of spells, curses, and enchantments: a true Book of Shadows handwritten by High Priestess of Wicca Persephone Adrastea Eirene.

The author was a true hereditary American witch of Swedish and English lineage, the daughter and granddaughter of High Wiccan Priestesses. As a third generation Wiccan, Persephone Adrastea Eirene claimed three names for her Wiccan moniker. She presided over her own coven, and was the patroness and Queen-Mother of numerous other covens for many, many years.

The tradition of her line called for Persephone to copy her mother's book by hand as a child. She was then called upon to re-write the book when she became a high priestess, which dates the writing of this book to the 1960s.

The digital file contains 235 pages. The high-resolution scans are very clear and legible. Chapters include Sabbaths, Laws, Circles, Spells, Astrology, and Stones. There is information on gems, planets, rites, potions, exorcisms, alchemy, and much more. The serious nature of this book is evidenced by the warning written on the first page: "To those not of the Craft - The reading of this Book is Forbidden! Proceed no further or Justice will exact a swift and terrible Retribution - you will surely suffer at the hand of the Craft." Below this warning, the same is written in Theban, the ancient language of Theban witchcraft. It is signed by the Witch in Theban also.

Provenance: This book came from the library of Alice Montserratt, wife of famed occultist Israel Regardie. There is a related digital copy of Persephone's book of herbal recipes, potions, balms, cures etc., also available for purchase. You can find it here.

Please note: you are purchasing a digital copy of the original. Due to the nature of this item, we can only sell to individuals who practise the craft. Upon completion of check-out we will e-mail you the file within three business days. This in no way implies any right to copy, duplicate, publish, or resell this file. All such rights are retained by the seller. 


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