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On offer is a diary kept by United States Air Force Pilot on assignment to occupied Japan, only a few years after the end of World War 2. The diary begins in September, 1948 and continues till March, 1949. The author’s name was Roland W. Myers, a member of the 385th Bombardment Group/549th Bomb Squadron. Myers would stay in the Air Force from 1948 till 1964, retiring as a Major. Myers leaves his home and wife in San Rafael, California and sails for Japan on the USAT ‘Hope’. On the ship he gets his assignment. “In my orders I am being sent to the 13th Air Depot Honshu (Island) Japan.” Arriving in Japan, Myers is assigned to “‘Air Control’ man power section which is headed by Lt. Col. Greck (who real seem like a nice guy though I don’t know much about it now.) Anyhow I have a nice desk job with good possibilities...” In Japan, Myers has a good bit of trouble adjusting, and comments often on is observations of the Japanese people and their customs, especially when it comes to his experiences at church. His job in Tokyo seems to be mostly filing and processing requests. Though, being a trained Air Force pilot, he does occasionally go on long flights around Japan. In November, he is transferred to the Far East Air Force base in Tokyo. He writes, “my job will be TI & E [Troop Information and Education] officer.” The job turns out to be quite a lot of work and he has a good deal of trouble at first. Myers keeps a somewhat detailed account of each and every single day. Occasionally, it is little more than a sentence stating he worked and how it went, but more often than not the entries contain a number of sentences about the day’s events, who he met, what he did at work, how long and where he flew, etc. He also writes that he acts as a Defense Council for soldiers being court martialled. In mid-January, Myers writes the his wife and children will be sailing to Japan to join him permanently. When she arrives about two weeks later, the diary ends: “March 5, 1948. Met Doris on the Sultan. Quite a boat. This line finishes this story for my life begins again with her and the children’s arrival.” In the back of the book are monthly tallies of cash expenditures that show exactly what Myers brought in on income, what he spent on food, clothes, pleasure, dentist, etc. and the balance at the end of the month. It seems that his goal was to save $5000. The cash accounts go beyond the scope of the diary entries themselves, keeping stock of income and expenditures up until October 1953. There are also a few pages where Myers has recorded information about his flying habits. It shows the date, aircraft flown, station left from, number of landings, and time of flight. From 1948 to 1950, Myers flew dozens and dozens of times. The covers and spine are in good condition, showing only small amounts of wear on the soft black leather binding. The book is approximately 250 pages long, with roughly 90 pages of writing. The pages themselves are in good condition, showing little wear or discoloration throughout. The handwriting is clear and legible throughout, in a combination of blue and black ink (and occasionally pencil) which has not faded. OVERALL: VG. Text: “Sept. 4, 1948. Left the most wonderful wife in the world at 8:35 A.M. (Not too bad for I tried to arrange to get there at the last min so the good-by would not drag out.) Got on a bus and went into San Francisco where we got on the ship at Fort Mason (USAT [HS] ‘Hope’ is its name). Not too big a ship I am afraid to say. Our quarters are not too good. This ship is set up for Hospital patients and no room for luggage. Left the dock at 1200 noon. Had a fire drill at 1:00 and got under way about 2:00. The sea became choppy almost immediately. Had 2 good meals. Went to an outdoor show and finally to bed at 11:30 - Many sick. felt rather good 2 or 3 times but nothing happen so far. It really got rough tonight.”; “Sept. 19. Saw land about 10:00 in the morning on the western side of Honshu the main island of Japan. Later on some fishing boats with High Bows (Dragon). Entered Tokyo Bay about 3:00 in the afternoon (or 1500) where we picked up a pilot who took the ship in near the break water where we anchored overnight. Lots of lights from Yokohama. Spent quite a bit of the day getting straightened around clothes put away polish bras, shoes shine, etc. Sixteen days aboard ship. Gosh what a long time.”; “Oct. 12. Went out to Haneda and took off in a C47 for a 3hr. Flight. Saw Fuji and Tokyo Bay, Yokohama and a few more cities. Up to 7000. Capt Weaver was giving an instrument check to someone else. They made 4 landings. The last of which was a GCA (they can bring you right down to the run way, just a matter of flying instruments). In the afternoon I had a ride of 1hr in AT6 which is a single engine job. That the one I am going to learn (they say) to fly. Went up and looked around.”; “January 19, 1949. Today is the day for Doris to get on the boat. Hope everything is alright. Well 13 days from now should be the time. Not much doing today look like.”; “January 20. Went to the office around 9:00 work till 10. The church and then back to work and left there at 1200. Got ready to present the Welfare Fund and 3 or 4 things to the Col. at a meeting at 10:30 in the morning. I am going to ask to spend close to $600.00. Wonder if I will get it anyway I am prepared. Had dinner at TE and found a Columbus, Ohio newspaper in the hall which I was reading when a boyson brought me a radiogram which read ‘Leaving Friday Eighteenth USAT Sultan. Love, Doris.’ It’s funny I got a terrific thrill although I know the boat had left. Indulged in my old hobby or habit of collecting coins and paper money...Also went through the P.X. they had from Siam. Also saw lots of beautiful good suppose to be a rent buy but will wait and let Doris get what she wants. (Background: Roland W. Myers, was born in 1918 and passed away January 21, 2010 in Sun Lakes, Arizona. He was born in Dayton, Ohio and as a young man he joined the Army Air Corp. After college he taught high school and also coached basketball. In 1948 he went back into the Air Force retiring in 1964 as a Major and returned to teaching and coaching at Central HS in Phoenix. He was preceded in death by his wife Doris in 2003.); Manuscript; 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall; KEYWORDS: HISTORY OF, ROLAND W. 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