1867 Rare Contract for the "Rental" of an Emancipated Slave in Havana, Cuba

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On offer is a rare contract from the Administration of Central Depot of the Emancipated stating the terms of a slave rental commencing in 1867.

This contract was made for an emancipated slave named Fammouf (?) Luciano of the Congo. He is to be rented by one Francisco de Salaz.  The contract is signed July 8, 1867. A highlight of this particular rental contract is the name of the Expedition during which this particular African slave was found, which was the "Sancti Espiritus and Trinidad". The contract is signed by the Salaz who will rent this man, and witnesses.

This rental contract is extremely rare and a remarkable, though tragic, piece of the history of the Cuban slave trade. To think that this man was emancipated and yet was able to be rented out once again is heartbreaking and provides yet another piece of the puzzle of Cuban slavery history. 

Cuba had a great need for inexpensive labour to support their sugar industry. While America and Britain signed a treaty in 1814 to abolish the African slave trade, it took many years for complete global abolition. The African slave trade was not ended in Cuba until 1886, despite it being formally abolished in 1867 (Yun & Laremont, 2001). The details of this contract closely align with contracts of Chinese coolie labourers, and the printed nature of this contract implies that many emancipated African slaves were contracted following their emancipation. Based on knowledge of the contracted Chinese labourers, we know that conditions for indentured workers were equal to, or worse than, those of slaves. 

This document is printed and filled out in ink. It is one page with the manuscript content on the recto of a single sheet and typed terms of the contract on the verso. It measures 8x12 inches. It exhibits age toning and creasing appropriate to its age. Overall G. 

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