Original 1682 University of Avignon Pamphlet

Original 1682 University of Avignon Pamphlet

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17th-century French pamphlet from the University of Avignon. It confirms the privileges and arrests of many notable figures. Some staining and damage to the lower edge, loss of perhaps twenty words. 

The 350-year-old document reads, "CONFIRMATION DES PRIVILEGES POUR L'UNIVERSITE D'AVIGNON, 1649." This edition is from 1682. The document starts with an 'oath' that dates back to the 14th century attesting to the nature and responsibilities of the University.

The document also lists the arrests of Jean Baptiste de Tonduty, Seigneur de Blauvac, and several other prominent persons, including doctors. It also cites counties and registrars of the government responsible for this matter.

Interestingly enough there is a hotel named for Baptiste in Blauvac to this day, having been founded in 1664.

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